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Occupational therapy for autistic adults

Using holistic approaches to increase fulfillment and ease in everyday life. 

Dr. Shona Orfirer Maher, OTD, OTR/L

  • specializes in late or self-diagnosed autistic adults

  • online sessions available to anyone living in California

  • holistic and person-centered approaches will improve quality of life, engagement in meaningful activities and tasks, self-perception, social relationships, and mental health

Individualized one-on-one sessions address:

  • quality of life

  • social relationships

  • mental health difficulties

  • navigating systems/institutions

  • sensory processing differences

Clients will:

  • engage in problem solving to implement effective accommodations and will make adaptations to their environment and habits/routines.

  • explore their unique sensory processing patterns and needs.

  • explore their unique mental health challenges as well as the effects of chronic masking.

  • navigate social relationships, advocate for their needs, and increase their self-compassion and pride in their autistic strengths.

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Coloring Book Now Available

Discover the Perfectly Autistic Coloring Book, a collection of hand-drawn designs that celebrate autism. This coloring book is now available for download, so you can enjoy coloring anytime, anywhere. Perfect for teenagers and adults looking for empowerment and creativity.


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