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Types of OT Services

All services take place via telehealth (video platform). 

While I do not offer sliding scale prices at this time, I try to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs (both therapeutically and financially). You may select one or more of the options on this page or email me 

Initial Assessment: $170

This 90 minute session will take place over a video platform. You will receive a link for the session prior to the session. 

During this time, we will discuss:

  1. Your diagnosis/self-diagnosis journey

  2. Your strengths, challenges, barriers, and supports

  3. Your daily life and routines

  4. Your sensory processing patterns

  5. Your unique goals to increase your satisfaction and participation in your daily life

By the end of this session, we will have a holistic and comprehensive picture of what a fulfilling life means for you and how to get there.

Note: If 90 minutes is too long, we can break it up into two 45 minute sessions. 

Schedule initial assessment 


Occupational Therapy Sessions: $150

These 50 minute sessions will take place over a video platform. You will receive a link for the session prior to the session. You can attend sessions weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. 


Sessions are highly individualized to meet your priorities and needs but will likely consist of:​

  • checking in

  • problem solving strategies and accommodations

  • education on relevant topics or skills

  • co-creating achievable and relevant goals 


Sensory Processing Package: $360

As an autistic occupational therapist, I understand first-hand the importance of sensory processing for autistic individuals. Living in a neurotypical world, sensory overload can occur frequently and can impact our quality of life. On the other hand, we also may not receive sensory cues about our environment or basic needs (e.g, noticing details in our environment, hunger, thirst, temperature).

This package includes an initial assessment with a written report and two intervention sessions. Since you are the expert on yourself, we will collaborate to address your unique needs.

  1. Initial 90-minute assessment (over video platform) of your sensory processing patterns and written report (see below)

  2. Two sessions, which include: 1. education regarding sensory processing and the results of your sensory assessment, and 2. problem solving sessions to identify adaptations, strategies, and accommodations that can be used in various environments (e.g., home, work, school, community settings)

Note: If you would like to add on additional sessions, it will be the regular rate of $150 per session.

Message me to book this package


Sensory Processing Assessment with Resources: $200

This a great option for gaining a comprehensive understanding of your sensory processing and to set you up to problem solve and try out strategies and adaptations independently. (Note: this is just an assessment and does not include intervention sessions). 


This includes:

  1. A 90-minute sensory processing assessment to gather detailed information about your unique sensory processing patterns

  2. Written report sent to you, which includes: basic education regarding sensory processing, detailed description of your sensory processing patterns, suggested adaptations and self-regulation strategies to improve your unique challenges 

Message me to book this assessment


Email communications, information/strategies on specific topics/challenges, resources: $10-25

I understand that therapy can be inaccessible and want to be able to provide as much support as possible in a more affordable way. This can include:

  1. Basic education on various topics (such as sensory processing, workplace accommodations, managing burnout/ meltdowns/ shutdowns)

  2. Suggested strategies to make daily activities easier (such as showering, toothbrushing, daily routines, work, school, community outings, healthcare settings)

  3. Recommended books, websites, social media platforms for further education based on topics you identify

  4. General self-regulation strategies

Message me to discuss this option

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